"The chief source of art is man's pleasure in his daily work, which expresses itself and is embodied in that art itself."
William Morris (1834-1896)

Monday, October 5, 2009

October Pot of the Month: Poppies


  1. Enjoyed your video particularly learning about the sculpting process. I was wondering if you have any still photos of the finished poppy vases that you could post on your blog? Thanks

  2. Dear John,
    I just saw your comment... a bit late, I know. Can't explain how I missed it. I've been attempting to post a photo of the poppy today and can't seem to get it.... either too small or too large(TIF). When I have some time, I'll adjust it on Photoshop and then post it. I'm not an expert though so it may have to wait until I make another one and then take a digital myself like the studio pics. The photo headline on the blog is a section anyway. If you really want to see it sooner, just email us and I can email from iPhoto. It adjusts the size for emails. Thank you for your interest.
    Cherie -- jemerick@jemerickartpottery.com

  3. Okay John... photo of Poppies is on blog added to this entry....hope you can find it.