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William Morris (1834-1896)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The pedestal process

We are working overtime to get pots to take to a show in St. Petersburg, Florida this coming weekend. Last night was another glaze firing and there is yet one more before we leave on Wednesday.

This one had the bowl for the pedestal I raved about last post. Here are a few snapshots of the finished piece and a lot of photos of working with the pedestal. Enjoy!

If you take a look at the slide show ('November Pot of the Month') I posted at the beginning of the month, you'll see the throwing process involved in building up a tall piece. Here you'll see the difficulty in just handling large pieces without breaking them. The two photos above capture the before and after decorating.

Because they are so fragile when dry and not fired, Steve placed the pedestal in the kiln to dry slowly (without the heat). The weight alone would require too much tension in handling for a dry piece.

This is the bowl that will sit on top of the pedestal drying on plaster. They were made separately.

The pedestal has been through the first firing and is ready to glaze.

Ready to fire.

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