"The chief source of art is man's pleasure in his daily work, which expresses itself and is embodied in that art itself."
William Morris (1834-1896)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

More at Baltimore 2010

Continuing with our Baltimore cruise, here are a few more 'must see' artists.

Worthington Woodworking: this husband and wife team are actually from Saugerties, REAL neighbors. They do absolutely wonderful work in several mediums but I've only seen their incredible woodworking. Their booth here at Baltimore is #2007 or you can view more of it at www.oilswoodstone.com

David Bryce's drawings and ceramic sculpture have a lovely Chinese flavor ...very unique. They have a wonderful fresh quality of spontaneity. He is an artist that we consider a friend though we only see him at art fairs. He's here at Baltimore in space #2206 or you can check out his website at www.flycreekstudio.com

Judy has been a friend of ours for a long time also.
Over the years we have enjoyed watching her work grow and change. Her work reflects the joy she has in communicating new ideas through her medium. This year she is displaying in Booth # 1302 or you can see more of it online at www.judyrand.com

John Russell always has a story to tell. It is absolutely appropriate that he makes marketry boxes to hold them! 
You can catch his work at www.wood-veneers.com/gallery14.html

Booth #1107 at Baltimore

This furniture is made by a couple we just met, Edward and Sherry Schoen. They call themselves Signature Gallery and make furniture in an Arts and Crafts style. You can see their work in Booth #2101 here at the Baltimore show or online at www.signaturegallery furniture.com

Candone Wharton's ceramic has such a special distinctive regal look. You just have to come to her booth #1303 at Baltimore or else view her work online at www.candone.com

Suzanne Crane Fine Stoneware
Suzanne and her husband, Matthew, make a beautiful combination of ceramics and wood. Their booth installation is an art piece in itself and makes you feel right at home. At Baltimore their booth # is 1204 and online you can see more at www.suzannecrane.com

All these artists are excellent in their particular medium. It is a delight to see their work at the show. Plus they are all really good people. 

There are many more but I'm limiting my selection to just a few here. If I've only wet your appetite, go online to http://public.craftcouncil.org/baltimore where you can view all 700 artists' work.

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