"The chief source of art is man's pleasure in his daily work, which expresses itself and is embodied in that art itself."
William Morris (1834-1896)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Winter Reverie

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday including a great beginning for the New Year... 2011!! OMG!
Here in the Mid Hudson Valley we are focusing on the winter's stark contrasts and search for quiet beauty.  We celebrated the ringing in of the new with a walk along the nearby cliff. Here are a few pics including one of a new pot hopefully reflecting that stark beauty......

 Above is our winter garden... so soft... like a whisper.

 I always get hooked on photographing natural rhythmn.. like this one of the snow on our deck.. basic elements...must be the teacher in me.

 then the walk......

Some call it Alligator Rock; others say whale.. both add their little ones.

back in the studio.. attempting to reflect the awesome!


  1. Such beautiful property! I hope you keep your new pot pictured above, white!

  2. Great pictures - the snow does bring out some weird and wonderful shapes and natural designs, doesn't it.