"The chief source of art is man's pleasure in his daily work, which expresses itself and is embodied in that art itself."
William Morris (1834-1896)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Crunch Time

With a week left before we leave for the American Craft Council's show in Baltimore, we are facing a mountain of glazing.....

Waxing the bottoms to protect them from absorbing the glaze.

All of the pots in these photos have been bisqued only.

Measuring the winter.... we worked hard!

By the way, if any of you wish to receive an invite to the Baltimore show, just email us your snail mail address and we'll send a postcard out tomorrow! The dates are February 24-27 at the Baltimore Convention Center on Pratt St. We will be in space # 1908.


  1. You guys are incredible! The stress of a deadline looming just seems to bring out the best! Good luck with all that glazing. I guess your studio will be nice and warm this week.

  2. I even love your pots unglazed! Good luck with it all.