"The chief source of art is man's pleasure in his daily work, which expresses itself and is embodied in that art itself."
William Morris (1834-1896)

Monday, January 14, 2013

Cat tastrofee

It was dark this January morning at 6 am.  Steve was feeding the livestock (Powder, Olive and Popeye).
He was stumbling around fixing himself a cup of Joe when he heard a LOUD crash from the studio.
With much trepidation, Steve ventured into the studio to discover this morning's disaster. Much to his surprise, Olive (our black kitty) ran past him into the house soaking wet and looking extremely guilty. From what we found, we can only assume that she tried to perform her triple jump to the highest decorating table to get her early morning drink. The bucket of water, the large, half decorated pot and Olive's thirteen pounds were too much for the table. Everything was a pile in the corner.
Now this is all circumstantial evidence as no one actually saw Olive do this but her being soaking wet and running away from the crime scene are at the core of the prosecution's presentation. We are putting the situation up for you, our jury, to make recommendations for her due punishment.
Here is the evidence:

who me??

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